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Located in the city of Tartagal, in the north-east of the province of Salta, the Ramos field is an exemplary high pressure gas development. It is located in the Yungas ecoregion, where measures are taken to preserve the biodiversity found there. The ISO 14001:2004 Integrated Management System certification has been used to ensure the social and environmental safety of the area. The socio-environmental and geological setting of the operation presents a double challenge due to its location and the complex logistics required for its operation and development.

Among other things, Pluspetrol has carried out revegetation and reforestation activities in areas surrounding the site, and implemented conservation projects for endangered species.


Pluspetrol Argentina adopts practices that contribute to the socioeconomic and human development of the communities living in the influence areas of its operations. This is done from a global sustainability perspective and within the framework of mutual cooperation, trust and learning, showing respect for territorial rights and cultural diversity. 

In the Northern Region, among other projects, Pluspetrol Argentina runs scholarship programs for higher education and university students. In the health field, the School Health Program has been providing clinical, ophthalmological and dental care in mobile clinics at schools in the provinces of Salta and Neuquén since 2009. Furthermore, in the Chaco Salteño region, Pluspetrol works with the AMTENA Program (Thomas Elkins Medical Assistance Program for the North of Argentina), which aims to provide indigenous communities with healthcare.

In support of community development, in 2006 Pluspetrol launched a Program for Local Training and Productive Development in the Northern Region, to promote different Social Productive Enterprises (EPS) within local communities. Through the provision of supplies, tools and training, the program aims to turn traditional activities into productive activities that generate income for participants.


Located in the Yungas ecoregion, measures are taken within the field to preserve the biodiversity found there. Pluspetrol implements a strict conservation plan to protect the wildlife and natural environment where operations are carried out and keeps records of local fauna (birds and mammals) through the use of camera traps. 

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