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  1. By accessing the PLUSPETROL website, www.pluspetrol.net, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions of Use”), for which purposes, the use of this website confers upon the user the condition of User of the website.
  1. The website, www.pluspetrol.net , shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Site,” the “Page,” the “Website,” or the “Web Domain.”
  1. The condition of User implies the acceptance in full of the version of Terms and Conditions of Use in force at any given time.
  1. The User must use the Site and its services without violating these Terms and Conditions of Use, current applicable regulations, current applicable legislation in the country in which the User is using the Site and its services, good faith, customs, and generally accepted uses.
  1. The User is responsible for the good use of the Site and agrees to refrain from any action that might damage the systems, equipment or services directly or indirectly accessible through the Internet, including, but not limited to, the intentional congestion of links or systems. Furthermore, the User also accepts that the use of the Website is the sole responsibility of the User, who shall always use the Site in compliance with the functions enabled on the Site itself and the uses authorized in these Terms and Conditions.
  1. The use of the Page for purposes other than those specified herein, especially for illicit purposes, is prohibited.
  1. The User agrees to use the services and contents for their own exclusive personal use and to refrain from the direct or indirect commercial use thereof. Users do not have the right to put or use the contents of this Site on their own or third party sites without the prior written permission of PLUSPETROL.
  1. PLUSPETROL reserves the right to block, prevent or ban those Users who do not fulfill these conditions from accessing the Website.
  1. PLUSPETROL reserves the right to modify access to the Page, its design or contents, and to remove or to partially or totally restrict access to the page at its sole discretion.
  1. PLUSPETROL shall not be held responsible for any damage, alteration of data or interference with systems or networks caused by third parties.
  1. PLUSPETROL shall not be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the tools and services provided through the Site resulting from power cuts or interruptions of any kind or any other flaw not attributable to Pluspetrol.
  1. Hyperconnectivity with other computers online is at the sole risk of the User. PLUSPETROL does not verify, check, control, audit or endorse the content or safety of other connections provided by these means.

Ownership of information and designs

  1. The information, content, documents, data, text, images, image and/or sound and/or report files, photographs, videos, articles, databases, sounds, corporate badges, distinctive symbols, brands, graphic designs, combinations of elements, logos, etc. (collectively the "Information"), in addition to the design of the Website and the designs of its modules and services, are owned by PLUSPETROL S.A. and/or its affiliates, as applicable, and may not be reproduced (fully or partially), distributed, used for commercial purposes, changed, modified, disseminated or extracted without the prior and express authorization of PLUSPETROL. The decompiling, reverse engineering or, in general, the transmission of any kind, or the making of derivative works of the computer programs needed to operate and access the Website and the services contained herein, as well as any act of exploitation thereof is also prohibited.
  1. The use of the Information for purposes other than the ones established on this page shall be the sole responsibility of the User.
  1. PLUSPETROL reserves the right to unilaterally modify, without need to give prior notice, the content, scope or timeliness of the Information and/or the Website. Consequently, the User must read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully whenever they intend to use the Website.
  1. The Site, www.pluspetrol.net, is a registered trademark of PLUSPETROL S.A.
  1. PLUSPETROL reserves all rights related to the Website, including but not limited to: intellectual property rights to its pages and screens and to the information and material appearing therein.



You will need to have cookies enabled in order to use all of the services offered by the PLUSPETROL Website. Under no circumstances will these elements be used to identify a specific person, given that their use shall be merely technical, to provide a better service to Users and allow the display of advanced content. These cookies will not be used for conducting commercial studies or to provide information about the browsing habits of Users. The User may disable cookies in their browser options, however, in such case, PLUSPETROL cannot guarantee the proper functioning of all the services offered on the Website.


Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

PLUSPETROL has adopted the data protection measures and security levels required by Law. The personal data collected through this Website is processed automatically and stored on servers owned by PLUSPETROL. We are committed to protecting the privacy of the visitors of this Website. Our Website does not collect personal information from users unless they give this information to us voluntarily and with consent.



PLUSPETROL does not provide any guarantee or assume liability for: a. damages of any kind that may arise due to the absence of availability, maintenance and proper functioning of the Website and/or its services or contents.

 b.the existence of viruses or programs that are intrusive or harmful to Users.

 c.the use contrary to these conditions, good faith, the law and customs, or malicious, fraudulent, negligent or illicit use that Users make of the Website.

 d.the lack of usefulness or suitability of the Website and/or its services or content to fulfil the needs and expectations of its Users.

 e.the unlawfulness, unreliability, lack of usefulness and unavailability of services provided by third parties and made available to users on the Web, or compliance by such third parties with their obligations. Nor is it liable for the use or the suitability of the services provided by third parties (tools, digital access, market research, etc.), or for the suspension of these services, and as such it denies all responsibility for damages of any kind that may result from them.


The failure of PLUSPETROL to exercise the rights expressed herein does not imply a waiver thereof, and they may be exercised at all times.


In compliance with the provisioned by the Legislative Decree N° 1372 and its approved regulation by Supreme Decree 003-2019 E, the Peruvian companies Pluspetrol Peru Corporation S.A, Pluspetrol Camisea S.A., Pluspetrol, Lote 56 S.A. y Pluspetrol Norte S.A., communicate that after applying the ownership and control criteria set forth the mentioned decrees no individual has been identified who qualifies as beneficial owner under such criteria.


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