Within the framework of its regional energy integration policy, PLUSPETROL has strategic participations in the following companies:

Located in Campo Durán, in the province of Salta, Refinor is the only refinery in the North of Argentina. Refinor receives crude oil and natural gas from fields in the northeast of Argentina and Bolivia and produces liquid fuel and liquid gas.
Two oil pipelines, one gas pipeline, and a products pipeline make Campo Durán a strategically critical core center for energy integration in Latin America.
The products pipeline runs 1,100 km from Refinor to Montecristo in the province of Cordoba, and from there it connects to San Lorenzo harbor in the province of Santa Fe thus giving Refinor's products access to sea transport.
In addition, Refinor has its own network of more than 50 service centers located in central and northeast Argentina.
PLUSPETROL, through its subsidiary Pluspetrol S.A., has had a participation in Refinor since 1993 with a 21.5% shareholder interest.

Oldelval owns a system of oil pipelines of more than 1,500 km Crude oil is transported through almost 900 km from the Neuquen field in the province of Neuquen to the port of Bahia Blanca in the southern part of the province of Buenos Aires.
Oldelval transports 65% of oil produced from the Neuquen basin. This figure represents almost one-third of the total oil produced in Argentina.
PLUSPETROL through its subsidiary Pluspetrol S.A. has had a participation in Oldelval since 1993 with an 11.9% shareholder interest.

Repsol - YPF Gas is a leader in the distribution of LPG in Argentina.It operates 35% of the market of bottled gas and bulk gas.
PLUSPETROL through its subsidiary Pluspetrol S.A. has owned a 15% share in YPF Gas since 1998. This participation is important due to the integration down the natural gas value chain. PLUSPETROL has worked with YPF Gas by distributing volumes of its own production of LPG, propane, and butane produced directly in its fields or through natural gas processing agreements with other processors.

Companhia Estadual de Gas (CEG) is the only supplier of gas in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. RioGas is the sole distributor of gas to industrial companies.
PLUSPETROL, through its subsidiary Pluspetrol Energy S.A., has had a 2.26% stockholding of CEG and 3% stockholding of CEG Rio since 1997.

Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TGP) is the company in charge of the transportation segment of the
Camisea Project.
Transportation responsibilities include the building and operation of a natural gas pipeline of 714 km and a liquid pipeline of 540 km.
PLUSPETROL, through its subsidiary in Peru, Pluspetrol Perú Corporation S.A., has had a 12.38% stockholding of TGP.

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